'Rick and Morty': Rob Kardashian Reveals Crazy Merch Haul, Including Neon Pickle Rick Sign

Rob Kardashian showed off an incredible collection of Rick and Morty merch on Tuesday, courtesy of series co-creator Justin Roiland. Kardashian posted a photo that included everything from puzzles to Funko Pop! figures — and even a massive Pickle Rick neon sign. Fans were not shy about expressing their jealousy in the comment section.

"WOW! I am so Happy!" Kardashian wrote alongside the photo. He thanks Roiland, the official Rick and Morty Instagram account and a person named Sam, who works on the series. He continued: "It's like do I play chess first or do I start the puzzle or do I do the Rubik's cube or do I hang up my giant pickle Rick neon sign?!! THANK YOU WOOHOO!!"

Curiously, Kardashian's collection did not include the new Rick and Morty box set, which was announced last week. The "Out-of-this-World Box Set" includes all four seasons of Rick and Morty on either DVD or Blu-ray and digital, with a huge collection of new special features and bonus content. It goes on sale on Tuesday, March 2, and it seems there was not a review copy on hand for Kardashian.

Instead, his package included two jigsaw puzzles, a Rubik's cube, a collectible chess set, five Pop! figures and a pack of "Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer." The figures were fan-favorites — Snowball the dog, Tiny Rick, Hospice Morty, Cornvelious Daniel and Weaponized Rick.

Fans were overwhelmed with jealousy of Kardashian's haul, many advising him on how to put it to good use. Rick and Morty has taken the world by storm in recent years, and its fan-base is intensely devoted. The series has had issues with slow production in the past, but considering that it got a 70-episode order back in 2018, many are crossing their fingers that the next season will premiere any time now.


All signs suggest that Rick and Morty Season 5 is finished, or nearly so. Co-creator Dan Harmon has hinted several times that the writers are far ahead, working on storylines for Season 6 or even Season 7. Meanwhile, star Sarah Chalke has talked about recording Season 5 at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, the series is known for big publicity stunts, and last-minute episode drops, so there is no way to predict when the new season will show up on our screens. Many fans hope for a premiere in the spring or summer — a year after Season 4 ended. In the meantime, all four seasons of Rick and Morty are streaming on HBO Max and Hulu.