Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Ava Phillippe Reveals Pink Hair on Valentine’s Day

Ava Phillippe is rocking the strawberry pink hair once again, this time in honor of Valentine's Day. The daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe posted the rosy and loving photo on Instagram on Friday and fans were quick to drop praise.

["May you feel the love & pass it on," Phillippe wrote in the caption of the post. "Happy Valentine's day."

The photo shows the pink strawberry color mixing with her natural blonde look, while she sports a heart covered dress and a bouquet of pink flowers in her hands.

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"Always here for the pink hair," one fan wrote.

"So beautiful! We love you, Ava," another added in, speaking for the rest of the fanbase.

"I love you so so much," a third added, even sparking a response from Phillippe in return saying the love was being returned in full.

Other fans couldn't help but comment about how much Phillippe looks like both her mother and father. While she doesn't shapeshift, it is clear that the comments all depend on when they're looking at the young starlet.

"Wow, that's a cute pic of reese when she was young," one wrote. "Oh, wait... HAPPENSSSS EVERYTIME."

"How does somebody look so much like their mom but then grow up to look like their dads female self," another questioned.

It is far from the first time Phillippe and her mother have faced comments claiming they look the same. It is also not the first time she has sported pink hair. In a since deleted Instagram post back in September, Phillippe showed off her "2014 self" with pink hair, something she had done while a freshman in high school.

Her mother commented with approval while fans chimed in with their own takes, especially with how she looked compared to Witherspoon.

"You look so much like your mom. So beautiful. I love the pink hair!" one fan said.

"I love your pink hair. you're so stunning you fairy," another dropped in.

"You're a perfect mix of both of your parents! It's crazy," a third wrote.


Phillippe has opted for other colors in the past too. In April 2019 she shared photos on Instagram showing streaks of red, orange, yellow, blue, and green in her hair.

She's not afraid to spice up her looks and fans seem to approve.