Ray J Responds to 'The Kardashians' Latest Episode With His Own Story on Sex Tape Leak

Ray J is fed up with his ex, Kim Kardashian, and her speaking alleged alternative facts about their history-making sex tape — at least according to him. Amid the Kardashians' new Hulu series airing an episode in which Kim claimed Ray's manager threatened to release unseen footage from their intimate moments and joked that Ray may have performed a sexual act without her knowledge or consent, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star says he's had enough. He initially took to Instagram to say that Kim's account of her now ex-husband Kanye West met him to retrieve all footage from him was a lie before speaking in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail to claim the entire sex tape was an orchestrated deal between him, Kim, and her momager Kris Jenner.

The two dated for several years in the early 2000s and filmed their sexual escapades while celebrating Kim's birthday. According to Ray J, the idea for the tape was his idea, which he says Kim ran with after seeing the success of her then BFF Paris Hilton's tape. Ray alleges Kim was desperate for fame and thought it was a brilliant plan. "Once I pitched the idea to her, just playing around a little bit, that's when she jumped on the idea, talked to her mom and it was out of my hands from there," he said of the scandal. He now says he regrets his part in it.

But Jenner's camp denies being involved in the deal for the tape with Vivid Entertainment, the company that distributed the video worldwide. Sources allege the deal was brokered between Ray, Kim, and their lawyers. The former couple has reportedly earned over $50 million each from the sales of the tape. Vivid could not release the tape without their signatures or consent. 

The former Moesha star also shared Instagram direct messages between him and Kim in which he calls her out for her role in the scandal and says it's time that she stops painting him out to be the person responsible for leaking the tape. Ray says he's never had possession of the tape and even says the original deal with Vivid was set to include three videos, but they backed out after the first.

"She kept them all -- she had to go find that tape [Sex Tape Cabo #1] and then present it. I never had a tape in my possession in our whole relationship," he said, noting that the third video is an intro. He added that the tapes have been kept "at Kim's house in a shoebox under her bed."


As for what took place during his meeting with West, now known as Ye, he says it was to clear his name overall. "It was everything I felt could have been looked at negatively. It was text messages with me and Kim over the years, it was a lot of different pictures we sent to each other over the years after the sex tape," he explained. "I was thinking that he was ready to listen and understand what I've been trying to say. But the whole time, he wasn't really listening to me and he was eager to get back on a plane and back to the Hulu show."

Kardashian and her team have yet to respond publicly. Ray says he simply wants his two young children to view him in the most positive light, as does Kim.