Rapper Lil Pump Arrested at Airport

Rapper Lil Pump was arrested at a Miami airport on Thursday, after being accused of trying to bring drugs on an airplane.

According to TMZ, Pump was stopped by flight attendants at the gate, who told him that he and his crew could not board due to an issue with their luggage.

The group were held there until police arrived, and they were notified that there was suspicion that one of the bags they were attempting to transport had drugs inside of it.

Pump and his manager were reportedly arrested during the investigation, as they were said to have grown "disorderly" after being accused and asserting that there were no drugs in their luggage.

Subsequently, the investigation reportedly concluded that there were, indeed, no drugs found in their bags. Police are said to have since confirmed Pump's story. No word on if he has been released from law enforcement custody as of yet.

Pump may not have been carrying any drugs this time, but he had never been secretive about his affinity for using various substances.

Earlier this year, he dropped a track titled "Drug Addicts," which featured the rapper dropping lines that state his "whole gang" is "full of drug addicts."

Other lyrics of the song include:

"I ain't gon' lie, I got a habit (ooh, I got a habit) / Swear to God, you can't be on my status (I swear to God!) / Start the day off with a pint (yeah, brr-brr!) / I'ma show you how to live life (yeah, ooh!) / Take a lot of drugs, don't think twice (wow) / I do this every day and all night (ooh, ooh!)."

Pump dropped a video for the track, and enlisted the help of another celebrity who has expressed passion for mind-altering substances in the past, Charlie Sheen.

In the video, Sheen and Pump portray rehab facility orderlies who are giving out medication — drugs — to just about everyone. The video is vaguely reminiscent of Eminem's 200 music video for "The Real Slim Shady."


In addition to "Drug Addicts," Pump is also well known for the hit 2017 track "Gucci Gang," which was parodied by Saturday Night Live as "Tucci Gang," a song about actor Stanley Tucci.

More recently, Pump featured on the track "Welcome to the Party" from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, alongside rapper French Montana, DJ Diplo, and singer Zhavia Ward, and also partnered with Kanye West for the song "I Love It."