R. Kelly: Parents of Alleged Victims Fear the Worst Following Singer's Latest Arrest

There is a lot going on in the wake of R. Kelly's latest arrest, and Joycelyn Savage's parents admit they fear the worst. Timothy and Jojelyn Savage have been trying to get their daughter back from Kelly for years, but now that he is behind bars, they are concerned about what their daughter might do.

Joycelyn Savage has been living with Kelly for several years now, apparently as one of his girlfriends. Her parents claim that she has been manipulated and brainwashed by the singer, and that she is living in a delusion created by her own mental and emotional trauma. Following Kelly's arrest on Friday, their lawyer told TMZ that they are concerned about the possibility of suicide.

The Savages are represented by Gerald Griggs, along with several other families in this case. Griggs said that the Savages' minds are racing with fears for their daughter. They are concerned that she may attempt suicide in the wake of Kelly's arrest, or that she has entered into some kind of suicide pact with Kelly or one of his other girlfriends.

At this time, this fear appears to be entirely speculative. Joycelyn Savage has reportedly been in contact with her parents, but has not been physically reunited with them. Griggs told the outlet that they believe she is staying somewhere in Chicago with Kelly's other girlfriend, Azriel Clary.

Savage and Clary were both staying with Kelly at his home in Trump Tower Chicago when he was arrested on Thursday. The singer was walking his dog outside of the building when federal agents took him into custody on a new 13-count indictment, including several charges of producing and trading in child pornography.

Federal investigators took over Kelly's residence in the tower at the same time. They removed Savage and Clary from the apartment and sealed it off as a part of their investigation.

However, Clary's parents claim that they believe the girls have since been allowed back into the apartment. They claim that Kelly's unit in the building is actually in Clary's name, and that they were therefore able to resume their residence there once the search was complete. The Clary family noted that they do not believe there was a suicide pact between the two girls.


Rumors and allegations against Kelly have circulated for decades now, but they were compiled and presented clearly in last year's documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, where many of his accusers and alleged accomplices spoke out. Their accounts painted a clear picture of the kind of manipulation the Savage family believes Joycelyn is under, as well as Kelly's alleged fixation on creating sex tapes.

Those tapes were reportedly key in this latest arrest. Kelly's new indictment comes with 13 charges, including four counts of producing child pornography and two counts of receiving it. Griggs and another source close to the investigation said that federal authorities obtained 20 videotapes showing Kelly engaged in sexual acts with minors. Many of the tapes reportedly came from Kelly's former personal staff members.