'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott and Wife Linda Phan Decorate Home to Be Christmas Dream

Property Brothers Drew Scott and his beautiful wife Linda Phan aren't playing around this year for Christmas. The sweet pair turned their Los Angeles home into a life-sized gingerbread house and the final product is absolutely gorgeous and delectable! While Christmas time is a favorite season to both, what makes this year so special for the two, who recently wed in April 2018, is that this is their first Christmas together in their house.

"My obsession with the holidays starts around February," Phan joked in a clip. "I mean, we start thinking about Christmas even before Halloween."

They not only decked out their home for themselves, but Phan explained how the couple are expecting family to come into town this year and they really wanted their home to be special for everyone visiting, especially the kids!

"We went all out with decorations because we have our family coming here and we want to surprise them," she said before Scott echoed with, "This is our first Christmas in this house together, and it means so much to us to have family with us."

Before guest walk into their home, they'll be greeted with a cupcake stand that's manned by a gingerbread man, two large toy soldiers and a cute bakery sign that is hung on the bay window. Another cool feature is the red "icing" decorations as well as the candy canes that line the front yard. Plus, it fits well with the peppermint colored entry arch.

Their living room contains a colorful Christmas tree with shades of purple, blue and green as a train track is set up below, while stockings hang above the fireplace. Gorgeous wrapped gifts line themselves in front of the fireplace with a red and white backsplash on part of the wall. There is also an entire wall of shadow boxes that feature different little rooms and furniture, to create the feeling of being in a large dollhouse.

"Nothing can be just small and regular, we have to go a little bit overboard," Scott confessed as he toured viewers around their home.


His office space was transformed into a sweet bakery that was compiled of a pastry displace with a huge gift wrapping station! "Everything you see here is DIY," Scott explained. A portion of their hallway contains a mural of a train that Phan painted herself. In fact, several of their decorations were handcrafted by Phan! One of the pieces she put together is a conveyor belt created on the side of their staircase that showcase all the gifts that "are being sent from Santa to the world."

"This is actually a conveyor belt where all the kids' gifts are being sent from Santa to the world," Scott explained. "We wanted this to be something cool the kids have never seen before."