Prince William Roasts Kate Middleton While She Attempts to Create a DJ Beat

Prince William jokingly roasted his wife after she attempted to create a DJ beat. The two were [...]

Prince William jokingly roasted his wife after she attempted to create a DJ beat. The two were visiting the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit in Scotland on Monday when Middleton showed off her musical skills, but it appears her husband wasn't a fan of it, and neither was she. The Duchess was being filmed when she pressed a button on a piece of music production equipment before she laughed and covered her ears.

While Middleton is mighty talented in a number of realms, music may not be one of them. The video was posted to the Duke and Duchess's Instagram account with a hilarious caption. "Can rule out a music career [laughing emoji," the caption joked. "Keep up the incredible work Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and please do delete that music...." Prince William in the background can be heard saying, "It's bad. Please turn that one off, it's hurting my ears," while Middleton agreed saying, "Sorry for leaving such a terrible song. Delete it, delete it, delete it."

The sense of humor took to their audience as several commented on the joking matter. One person wrote, "I see we're bringing some humor into this page!! I LOVE IT!!" while another user echoed, "I'm watching this over and over again. Its so funny." Someone else said, "This is hilarious and I'm sure it will be William's new ringtone for when Kate calls," while someone else related it to an episode of Friends, writing, "It's like Ross from Friends trying to find his sound."

The Scottish Violence Reduction Unit in East Lothian, Scotland, isn't far from where the two met at the University of St. Andrews. The organization aids in preventing violence and partnered with Heavy Sound to help bring music into neighborhoods in the Edinburgh area, along with support and advice for community members. While Middleton didn't thrive in the music department, she did feel more comfortable preparing meals with Sikh Sanjog. The two were cooking in the Holyrood kitchen in an effort to provide meals to those in need.

Onlookers seem to enjoy when the Duke and Duchess are a little more laid back on their social media. Now that fans have gotten used to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being so personable via the online platforms, they seemed thrilled that Prince William and Middleton may be following in those footsteps a tiny bit.