Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wax Figures Are Creeping out Social Media

There is finally a Meghan Markle in London willing to talk to her family, but she resides at Madame Tussauds instead of Buckingham Palace.

The world famous wax figure creators unveiled new Prince Harry and Markle figures, which they took out for a day in London. As Entertainment Tonight points out, they creeped out residents because of how lifelike they are. The figures went out for a walk with a beagle and out to lunch at a restaurant.

According to E! News, Madame Tussauds actually hired actors to wear wax figure masks of the royal couple, which somehow made it even more creepy. Even those not in London agreed it was freaky.

"This should be illegal," The Atlantic's Marina Koren wrote.

"**BREAKING** Meghan Markle abducted by aliens. Harry trying to cover by taking photos in public with wax doll!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Can't believe Hereditary is based on this real life horror story," added another.

"Omg! I bet #MeghanMarkle is puking at seeing this wax figure of herself," another horrified Twitter user wrote.

The "figures" were also dressed in casual clothes meant to remind residents of what the real Markle and Harry have worn. For example, the Markle figure's white button-up shirt and jeans mirrored her look at the 2017 Invictus Games, when the couple made their first official appearance. The fake Harry wore jeans and a blue button-up shirt.

Even the beagle was a reference to reality. The real Markle has a rescue dog named Guy.

Madame Tussauds also has a permanent wax figure of Harry, which was unveiled for his 30th birthday. Earlier this year, the figure was updated for his wedding, with a Markle figure to join him.

The real Markle and Harry are expected to see a performance of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre on Wednesday in London. Earlier this week, the two vacationed with George and Amal Clooney at the Clooneys' Lake Como retreat in Italy.

Clooney and Harry reportedly played baseball, while Markle helped Amal with her 10-month-old twins Alexander and Ella Clooney. The Clooneys also reportedly hosted a gala dinner for the royal couple, with only 15 other guests.

Notably, photos of the A-list gathering have not leaked, likely thanks to the high security at the Clooneys' villa. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly spent their entire vacation there.


Photo credit: Twitter/Madame Tussauds