Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Want an Apology Before King Charles' Coronation

Prince Harry may not attend the coronation of King Charles III this spring unless the stubbornness on one side or the other gives in. According to a report by The Times, Prince Harry does not intend to visit England for his father's coronation unless he gets a private apology. Insiders told the outlet that King Charles and Prince William do not believe that "an apology is owed."

The Coronation of King Charles III is scheduled for Saturday, May 6 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London, England. Previous reports indicate that Prince William did not want his younger brother invited to the ceremony, but that King Charles ultimately insisted. However, sources familiar with the royal family say that relations between the two sides remain "icy," and that "ill will is still boiling over in the family." Last month, Prince Harry said that he would not attend the coronation unless his father and brother were "willing to sit down and talk about" his allegations against the family.

At the time, Prince Harry told ITV that "the ball is in their court" and "the door is always open" to make things right. Now, sources at Buckingham Palace are wondering how hard the prince will insist on that caveat. They said that an invitation is definitely on the way, but not an apology.

"I don't think it will be wrapped in an apologetic bow," one source explained. "It will be, 'here is an invitation. Let us know if you are coming.'" Another report in January had indicated that the king was willing to have "a conversation" with Prince Harry, but not to make an outright apology. An insider at the time said: "It would not be a one-way street."

The biggest allegation leveled against the royal family is that they knowingly and intentionally pitted the British press against Markle. There were also some allegations of racism against Markle and her child when they lived in Buckingham Palace. All of these were detailed in Prince Harry's memoir Spare as well as the Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan.

Royal commentators say that right now, the biggest secret is Markle and Prince Harry's plan. There seems to be no source close to the couple discussing their intentions for the coronation one way or the other. Either way, the couple's attendance or absence is sure to draw some of the press coverage from the event itself. The royal family has not commented directly on this story so far.