Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran Tease Mysterious Project in New Video Announcement

Are Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran teaming up for a project together? It seems as though this might be the case according to a video Prince Harry released via Instagram and fans are ecstatic about it! The two — who look like brothers — can be seen carrying a simple conversation together as Harry invites Sheeran inside the home he's in.

On Oct. 10 fans will have answers to the questions they've been asking since this video dropped today. Until then, the video shows followers a glimpse inside a nice home after Sheeran rings the doorbell — the ring is a chime from the "God Save The Queen" National Anthem. When Harry opens the door, the two partake in a quick conversation before the clip ends.

"Hey mate how are you doing?" Sheeran asks, while Harry responds with, "Hey mate, nice to see you."

Harry then jokes, "It's like looking in the mirror," as both of them match in grey polo shirts.

"Do you mind if I bring the cameras in?" Sheeran asks before Harry says, "Of course, come on in!"

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The video was shot in central London and doesn't give much detail as to what this pairing could offer but telling by the caption, it's pointing in the direction of a collaboration to aid in World Mental Health Awareness Day.

"Ohhh what's happening here ? Am all excited without having a clue what's going on," one fan wrote.

Someone else said, "Oooooooooooo what's this? I can't wait [His Royal Highness], tomorrow will be an exciting day whoop whoop," while another person posted, "This looks like greatest collab ever."

While fans in the comment section of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Instagram account seem happy and excited, not everyone was thrilled when the royal family decided to raise awareness for mental health issues by joining the governments new campaign, "Every Mind Matters."

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Harry all joined in on the new initiative and released a three minute video where each of them gets an opportunity to talk and raise awareness for this new movement, however, some residents of the UK aren't happy about it, one even found it offensive.

"Its great that [Every Mind Matters] has launched BUT for those of us stuck in a failing NHS system that keeps people with chronic mental illness on long and pointless waiting lists for therapy that doesn't happen- I don't see how this can help if you've been in the system for years," one person wrote as their concern.


Keri Howe, Labor supporter, found it to be "deeply offensive to every single one of the thousands of distressed patients who have been life; without the safety of a hospital bed, on never ending waiting lists and in peril unsupported because of their deliberate underfunding of mental health services."

Fans are now hoping the collaboration between Harry and Sheeran will evolve into something a little more hopeful.