Prince Andrew Reportedly 'Nervous' About Ghislaine Maxwell Arrest

Prince Andrew is reportedly uneasy about the recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. On Thursday, Maxwell was arrested and charged as a coconspirator who allegedly groomed his victims between the years of 1994 and 1997 — just a few years before Andrew met Epstein — as well as two counts of perjury for testimony given in 2016. While hey may be feeling a little "nervous," American stockbroker and friend of Maxwell's, Laura Goldman, told The Telegraph that Andrew more than likely has nothing to fear because Maxwell would never reveal information about it to authorities.

"The only way she can walk is if she gives someone up, but that definitely won't be Andrew," she said. "She is so appreciative that when she first came to New York, the duke helped to launch her into high society. She always talks about what a true friend he is. She doesn't see any reason to speak about him to the authorities." Andrew met Epstein in 1999 and describes Maxwell as the "key element" to him and Epstein's friendship according to a BBC interview.

Goldman also agreed with Andrew's claims that stated he thought the people inside Epstein's house were servants not because he's "evil" but because he's "entitled" like that. "Ghislaine's always told me that Andrew's kind of stupid and naive and if there were girls in the house while he was there, he would have thought they were servants. All these people thinking he is evil are just wrong. He is just the kind of entitled person who sees everyone as a servant."

In 2019, just days after Epstein's death, the Prince was on a golf vacation in Costa del Sol, Spain, with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. However, this year he called the vacation off — not because the coronavirus pandemic was a factor — because he's feeling "nervous," according to a report by The Sun. The insider who spoke to the newspaper outlet also said that it's likely that Andrew will "never travel to the U.S. again," although he has not been charged in the current investigation.


The same day Maxwell was arrested was the day a new lawsuit alleged that Andrew was inside Epstein's home at the same time that Caroline Kaufman accused Epstein of raping her. Kaufman was 17 years old at the time in 2010 when the alleged incident went down. However, according to the New York Daily News, Andrew is not accused of any wrongdoing.