Kris Jenner Says Kylie Doesn't Plan on Stepping Away From Cosmetics Brand Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Kylie Jenner may be at the center of some pretty intense pregnancy rumors, but that doesn't mean she's taking time away from her multimillion-dollar cosmetics line, mom Kris Jenner said on Tuesday.

Momgager extraordinaire Kris Jenner had earlier confirmed with CNBC that her youngest daughter's cosmetics company generated $420 million in revenue during its first 18 months in business.

Those numbers, if they continue, would make Jenner a billionaire by age 25, according to WWD.

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"The goal in the future is to just build the whole infrastructure, and figure out what a retail model might look like that could take it globally," Kris told CNBC Tuesday. "She's just scratched the surface and there is so much more to do with the brand."

Kris said that right now Jenner is keeping her business self-funded and staying away from equity partners.

"Right now she's super smart about keeping it all in the business," Kris said. "She owns it 100 percent herself, and she doesn't have any investors. It makes for a wonderful opportunity to expand."


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When asked if Jenner would be open to a deal with a bigger beauty brand at some point, Kris said that attaching Kylie Cosmetics to a bigger brand would be "really advantageous" for the business' future.

"We've talked to a few people, and certainly there is interest, but we'll see what happens," she said.

As the 20-year-old is reportedly preparing for the birth of her first child with boyfriend rapper Travis Scott, she's not taking a step back from the brand she worked hard to build.

"I don't think she sees herself stepping away from this brand for many years," Kris said, adding, "She's doing this because it's really her passion. It's so authentic to who she is, because she's been wanting to do this since she was a little girl. To see her have this kind of success with something she really loves has been really great. "


Kris opened up even more about her daughter's makeup dreams during a panel at the WWD CEO Summit.

"It was always Kylie's dream to have a beauty brand and makeup company," she recalled. "She said, 'I really want you to help me do this and figure it out.' And we tried launching some lip kits and they sold out in minutes, if not seconds. I realized that we have a real viable business on our hands. It was crazy. The fulfillment center couldn't really get them out fast enough and the site crashed three times. I realized we had to get a manufacturer really quickly that could handle the volume and get a fulfillment center pulled together."