Paul McCartney Reveals Kim Kardashian Photos Captivated Kanye West During Songwriting Sessions

Kanye West has a muse in Kim Kardashian!

While discussing his experience collaborating with the rapper for their song "FourFiveSeconds" (feat. Rihanna) with DIY, Paul McCartney revealed details of West's unusual songwriting process — and it involves his wife Kim Kardashian.

"We ended up just talking a lot," McCartney told DIY. "I played a few little things and one of them ended up as 'FourFiveSeconds' with Rihanna. It's more a question of me feeling lucky that these people are interested [in working with me] and think that I can bring something to it. For me, I feel great. I like diversity."

The Beatles icon added that he "learned a lot" working with West, and that the "Runaway" artist would sit down "with a guitar or at a piano and make it up and complete it."

He added that the music was written "as we went along – so much so that I didn't even realize that I was making songs."

Despite getting lost in the music, Kardashian clearly never left West's mind.

"We had two or three afternoons where we just hung out together in a Beverly Hills hotel in the bungalows out the back, and he had his engineer and was set up with a couple of microphones in case anything happened," he said. "I was tootling around on guitar, and Kanye spent a lot of time just looking at pictures of Kim on his computer. I'm thinking, 'Are we ever gonna get around to writing?'"

He continued, "But it turns out he was writing. That's his muse. He was listening to this riff I was doing and obviously he knew in his mind that he could use that, so he took it, sped it up and then somehow he got Rihanna to sing on it. She's a big favorite of mine anyway so that just came without me lifting a finger."

West has been open about the influence his wife has had not only on his fashion line Yeezy, but on his music.

On his most recent album, Ye, released last month, he mentioned the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star throughout.

On "Wouldn't Leave," he revealed how Kardashian reacted after his comments about slavery being a "choice."

"Wife calling screaming saying we're about to lose it all I had to calm her down 'cos she couldn't breathe/I told her she could leave me now but she wouldn't leave," he raps on the track. "This is what they mean for better or for worse huh?"

He then dedicated the tune to his loyal wife.


"For every down female that stuck with they dude through the best times, through the worst times– this is for you."

Photo credit: Getty / Gary Gershoff