Paris Jackson Allegedly Hospitalized After Reported Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, was reportedly hospitalized after a suicide attempt, and family sources told TMZ the fallout from the Leaving Neverland documentary is partly responsible.

However, minutes within the news' release, Jackson denied the TMZ report, posting three rolling-eye emojis on Twitter.

Jackson also posted a profanity-laced response, writing, "F— you you f—ing liars."

According to the reports from TMZ and The Blast, law enforcement sources told the outlet that police and paramedics were called to Jackson's Los Angeles home at 7:30 a.m. The sources said she slit her wrists and was taken to a hospital, where she is now listed in stable condition.

The sites both reported she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold, but sources later told TMZ she was released from the hospital and is being cared for by her personal team.

TMZ's sources said Jackson, 20, is now being monitored by a team of doctors. The site's sources said the suicide attempt was a "direct response" to the allegations made in the controversial HBO documentary that aired last month.

In the four-hour film, Wade Robson and James Safechuck accused Michael Jackson of molesting them as children. The Michael Jackson estate has spoken out against the film and TMZ's sources said the "Thriller" singer's children have "been in turmoil" since the film renewed interest in the allegations against her father.

On Thursday, Jackson took to Twitter to deny rumors she is in a "downward spiral" after photos of her and her boyfriend in New Orleans surfaced.

"me and my bf re-enacted 'the californians' from SNL while we were in nola purely for the entertainment of our friends, and paps happened to be taking pictures of it all and…. y'all it looks like a full on break-up scene in a sad drama movie [oh my God]," Jackson wrote in a now-deleted tweet, reports PEOPLE.

In another tweet, she added, "Damn i'm just now catching wind of these downward spiral articles.. this is like, what ? the 7th time y'all have accused me of this ? the 3rd in the past month? n yet not one OD from all the 'drugs' y'all accuse me of doing or any hospitalizations… 7… but who's counting right."

When one of her fans suggested tabloids were going after her because she was not speaking out against the film, she said it was not her job. She also praised her cousin Taj Jackson for standing up for the family.

"there's nothing i can say that hasn't already been said in regards to defense," she wrote. "taj is doing a perfect job on his own. and i support him. but that's not my role. i'm just tryna get everyone to chill out and go with the flow, be mellow and think about the bigger picture. that's me."

Jackson previously attempted suicide in 2013 and has battled depression since her father's death in 2009.


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Photo credit: Getty Images