Omarosa Manigault Owes Her Old Employer $30K

Omarosa Manigault owes over $30,000 to the government that says she just "quit" her job at.

The reality star turned White House staffer left the employ of the Trump administration with a characteristic dramatic flair on Wednesday. While officials and Secret Service operatives say Manigault was fired, she continues to insist she left of her own volition.

Now, The Blast has acquired documents showing her massive debt in back taxes. Manigault owes the IRS $21,811.08 from 2005, $1,658 from 2012 and $7,237.67 from 2014.

Manigault may be able to find the funds in her personal budget, as she's officially on staff as the director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison through the end of January. The job pays an annual salary of just under $180,000 per year. Her security clearance has been turned off, however, so she won't be able to make it into work.


Manigault has been in President Donald Trump's orbit since season 1 of The Apprentice, where she appeared as a contestant. She appeared on several subsequent seasons as well as spin-off shows, and worked for his campaign from the very beginning in 2015. She's a controversial figure in politics, as she maintains her reality star decorum even when interviewed about matters of state.

Although the President's Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly, has said that he fired Manigault, she maintains that she resigned to pursue other opportunities. She also confessed in one TV interview that she was feeling "uncomfortable" as the only woman of color in the Trump administration. Many people take issue with that excuse, as Manigault has long been one of the few minorities in President Trump's circle, and she's defended him at every opportunity.