Olympic Medalist Laurie Hernandez Talks Olympic Training With Jonas Brothers (Exclusive)

Now that the Summer Olympics are here, fans are gearing up to watch some of their favorite athletes and sports. Laurie Hernandez is a big name in Olympic sports as she's garnered the title of a gold and silver medalist as one of the top gymnasts to help lead the U.S. team. However, for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Hernandez won't be competing alongside the rest of her friends due to an injury she sustained while on the balance beam by hyperextending her left knee.

While it's been tough for her physically, mentally and emotionally, she is still taking part in the festivities this year, but she also got to work with the Jonas Brothers as they made their best attempt to become Olympic athletes. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Hernandez joked that while they're "pros" at something, it's definitely not sports at such a high level. "Going pro? Or living their best lives as people who flip?" she jokingly responded when asked if either Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas or Kevin Jonas stand a chance at making it to a pro-level.

"Listen, they're a pro at something in this life. I think gymnastics could be one of them in a parallel universe. It absolutely could," she teased. The brothers were training for an NBC special titled Olympic Dreams featuring Jonas Brothers, where they could participate in a number of different sports alongside some of the most elite athletes to compete in the Olympics, and Hernandez was one of them. While they may not live out their dream as pro athletes, fans are totally okay with them still being pros on stage.

While Hernandez may not be competing in the Olympics this year as an athlete, she will be a commentator, something she's really looking forward to. "It's wonderful because it's so fresh! There's a lot of getting used to quickly, just because I was trying to go to Tokyo and compete as an athlete, but to be still able to go and look at things from a completely opposite side, to see things from the production point of view and to be part of the thing that I saw just as much as I saw in the athletes when I was a kid watching commentators," she gushed.


"Watching people break it down, listening to people. I'm very grateful to be a part of that, and I think it should be a lot of fun. I hope that I can bring some new and fresh insight to that," she added. Hernandez also partnered with Team Lilly, where she can share with fans how she's managed to stay motivated throughout the years.