Nick Cassavetes Posts Instagram Photo With Daughter: 'All Is Right Again'

After sharing multiple emotional Instagram posts about the alleged kidnapping of his 13-year-old [...]

After sharing multiple emotional Instagram posts about the alleged kidnapping of his 13-year-old daughter, Nick Cassavetes has written that "all is right again."

The Notebook director has spent the past week sharing emotional pleas on Instagram asking fans for help with finding his daughter, Barbie, who he says was kidnapped by his ex-wife, Heather Wahlquis, from California and taken to Oklahoma.

But it appears as if Cassavetes' work may have paid off, as he shared a photo with Barbie.

"And all is right again," he wrote in the caption. "Lots of work to do, kids don't deserve this, lots of talking and therapy and love ahead."

Although the photo is old (he shared the same one on Thursday, Dec. 21), the comment section immediately filled with congratulatory remarks like "yay !!! Barbies back" and "Thank God she's ok and reunited with the best dad on earth."

"Here's to a 2018 filled with family and friends. I'm so glad that part of the story is over," one person wrote.

"Love always wins...welcome home Moussa," another wrote.

Cassavetes tagged 26 people who had commented on the post and thanked them in a comment.

While Cassavetes could be reunited with his daughter, the latest official word is that she is still in Oklahoma with her mother, Cassavetes' ex-wife.

The Blast reported on Friday that a judge signed off on a court order requiring Oklahoma police to do anything necessary to find Barbie, although Cassavetes' petition for emergency custody was denied.

The Blast reported that the Cleveland County Sheriff in Oklahoma said police were still searching for Barbie, Wahlquis and her family (who Cassavetes called "fugitives from the law" for aiding Wahlquis).

Wahlquist and her family have denied kidnapping Barbie, instead claiming to be protecting her from Cassavetes' alleged erratic behavior.

Linda Massad, Wahlquist's mother and Barbie's grandmother, claims the Hollywood director is lying about his daughter being taken from him.

"He knew every minute where his child was," Massad told TMZ on Wednesday. She confirmed that she, Wahlquist and Barbie have been living in Oklahoma.

Cassavetes alleged that Wahlquist took their daughter Barbie from home last month without his knowledge and disconnected her phone. He filed a police report claiming that his estranged wife is in violation of their custody agreement and has practically kidnapped their child.

Wahlquist left Cassavetes in 2012, and her mother said her daughter's exit is the real issue.

"She's never denied him of seeing her child. Never," Massad said. "He wants revenge against my daughter. This is not about his child, it's about my daughter leaving him."

Cassavetes maintains that he has not seen or heard from his daughter in over a month.

"I don't know if she is okay or not," he said on Tuesday, "and I am extremely concerned for her well being."