Director Nick Cassavetes Escalates Custody War to Find Abducted Daughter

An Oklahoma judge has signed off on a court order directing law enforcement to do whatever is necessary to locate and return The Notebook director Nick Cassavete's missing daughter after his estranged wife allegedly broke their custody agreement and abducted the child.

According to documents filed in Oklahoma, a judge agreed with Cassavetes that estranged wife Heather Wahlquist violated the custody agreement the parents have in California when she took 13-year-old Barbie out of the state and into hiding, presumably in Oklahoma where Wahlquist's mother lives, The Blast reports.

In recent days, Cassavetes has shared multiple social media posts in emotional pleas to get his daughter back from his ex-wife, her mother and her sister after he says they abducted her.

Wahlquist and her family have denied kidnapping Barbie, instead claiming to be protecting her from Cassavetes' alleged erratic behavior.

However, a judge has ordered all law enforcement in Oklahoma to "use any reasonable force necessary, including breaking into any structure where you have probable cause to believe Barbie exists," and return her to Cassavetes pronto.

The Cleveland County Sheriff in Oklahoma says police have been to the grandmother's house multiple times to try and locate Wahlquist and Barbie, but nobody was home. They are continuing their search for the mother and child, The Blast reports.

While a judge may have ordered police to do everything they can to find Barbie, TMZ reports that an Oklahoma judge denied Cassavetes' motion for emergency custody.

The judge ruled Friday that there was insufficient evidence to justify Barbie was in danger, and therefore no reason to grant Cassavetes his emergency petition for custody.

Cassavetes shared an Instagram photo of him and Barbie on Thursday writing that "all is right again." It's not clear if the photo is a new picture of the two of them reunited or if it's an older photo like the ones he's been sharing this week while searching for his daughter.

"Lots of work to do, kids don't deserve this, lots of talking and therapy and love ahead," he wrote in the caption. He tagged friends in the comments below the post, many of whom congratulated him on getting Barbie back.

"Thank god she's ok and reunited with the best dad on earth," one person wrote.


"My heart is very happy," wrote another.

"Amazing. Congratulations. Happy for you my friend," someone else said.