Ne-Yo's Fans Are Not Happy About His Wife's Pregnancy

Ne-Yo announced today that he's expecting his second child with wife Crystal Renay Williams. While many fans were excited to hear the news, some called the singer a hypocrite.

The new baby will be the fourth child for Shaffer Chimere Smith, better known as Ne-Yo. He has a daughter, Monyetta, and son, Mason Evan, with ex-girlfriend Monyetta Shaw. Ne-Yo and Crystal also have a son, Shaffer Jr., who was born in May 2016, a month after their marriage.

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So why are fans angry about this happy news? In 2016, Shaw told the New York Post she had her tubes tied, a decision she now regrets. She said Ne-Yo even agreed to have a vasectomy "to show our mutual commitment to the relationship." Two months before their wedding was scheduled, Ne-Yo told her he didn't want to be "monogamous anymore," she claimed.

Some fans were disgusted with Ne-Yo, calling him hypocritical for having another child.

"Don't get why [you] made ur other baby mama burn her tubes just to move on n keep having kids ... that's just plain ole mean [shake my head] nice music but an a--h-le in real life," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another called Crysral a "snobby hoodrat," adding, "[Crystal Smith] he will shut on you eventually like he did baby mother [number one]. Trust me. You just needed stability with a check."

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"Man you need to slow down," another fan told Ne-Yo.

But Shaw celebrated the news, and her Instagram followers praised her for being "classy." "So glad that I don't have to hold this secret from my M's anymore!! They're excited about their new sibling," Shaw wrote.


"God you are so classy! Wish more people were like you," one fan wrote to Shaw. Another added, "You are the true meaning of phenomenal Woman. The Lord have something great for you. Truly a inspiration."