Nancy Grace Weighs in on Naya Rivera Disappearance, Won't Rule out 'Foul Play'

While authorities in Ventura County, California, continue to search Lake Piru for actress Naya Rivera, Fox Nation host Nancy Grace has weighed in on the situation Thursday morning. Grace disagrees with authorities who have ruled out foul play in the former Glee star's disappearance, adding that she believes Rivera would not willingly leave her 4-year-old son Josey in a "life-threatening situation." The 33-year-old Rivera has not been seen since Wednesday when she rented a boat with her son.

Employees at the lake's concession stand began searching for Rivera's boat Wednesday afternoon when she did not return it within three hours. When they found the vessel, Josey was left sleeping inside, wearing his life jacket. An adult size life jacket was discovered inside, but Rivera was nowhere to be found. Josey told police they went swimming, but Rivera never got back in the boat. The Ventura County Sheriff's Department said Rivera is presumed dead, and their search is now a recovery mission.

"So, there's no whitewater, [there are] no rapids, there's no current. But still, you don't leave a child even in a life vest in a boat in a lake," Grace told Fox & Friends Thursday. "I don't think she left him willingly. The fact that her life vest was still in the boat is very concerning." Since Josey said he was swimming with his mother, that "may rule out foul play," Grace said, but she thinks there should be a more thorough investigation.

"What I think they need to do now -- and I have helped conduct underwater searches -- is bring in a dive team, bring inside scan sonar, and also bring in tracker dogs who can track through [the] water," Grace said. "I'd also like to investigate who rented the boat and the life jackets and find out were there just two people, Mommy and son? Or was someone else there?" Grace then suggested that Rivera's ex-husband Ryan Dorsey, her ex-boyfriends and "potential stalkers" should be "investigated now."


Ventura County authorities continued searching on Friday for the third day. During a press conference Thursday, Sgt. Kevin Donoghue noted that they "don't know" if Rivera's body will be recovered. "If the body is entangled in something underneath the water, it may never come up," he said. Also on Thursday, Capt. Eric Buschow said there was "no evidence" of foul play "at this point," and authorities believe this was a "tragic accident."