'Nanny McPhee' Star Raphael Coleman's Mother Writes That She's Living 'Every Parent's Worst Nightmare' Following His Sudden Death

Nanny McPhee actor Raphael Coleman died suddenly while in South Africa as he was training to take on animal poachers. The 25-year-old activist has "no prior health problems" when he collapsed suddenly on Friday from apparent heart failure. His mother Liz Jensen has taken to social media to share her heartbreak with fans and followers saying that his shocking death was "too much to bear" and that "it is hard to imagine how life will continue."

"We are heartbroken but so proud of him and his work to protect our Heaven on Earth. He inspired so many people and was so loved," she tweeted according to Daily Mail.

"He was beautiful and wise and it's hard to imagine how life will continue. But it must and will - and he'd want that. We were so lucky to have him, he brought such joy," she continued.

"It's every parent's worst nightmare. It seems he died of heart failure - he was running and laughing when he collapsed. It was blessedly quick," she added.

His stepfather, Carsten Jensen, took to Facebook to share his thoughts revealing that his stepson "collapsed without prior heath problems" during his trip.

"I will never forget you, we say in farewell greeting to the dead. But when it's your own child, it's your genes, your whole body, something greater than the word I who forever refuse to accept the judgment of death. Raph wasn't my child, even though I was close to him. But I can feel it myself. I see it in his mother's eyes, and I hear it in her voice, the irreversible loss of the most precious thing in life," he stated in his post.


Coleman's co-star Eliza Bennett, who played his on-screen sister Tora, also shared a sweet tribute on Twitter writing, "I was so heartbroken to hear about Raphael. After we worked on Nanny McPhee, he dedicated his life to protecting wildlife and fighting climate change. I'm honoured to have crossed paths him & my heart is with his family in this dark time."

Coleman ended his career in science to solely dedicate his life to campaign with Extinction Rebellion.