'My Wife and Kids' Star Parker McKenna Allegedly Beaten by Boyfriend

Parker McKenna, who played one of Damon Wayans' children on the sitcom My Wife And Kids, accused [...]

Parker McKenna, who played one of Damon Wayans' children on the sitcom My Wife And Kids, accused her ex-boyfriend Chris Sails of domestic violence. Sails was arrested Thursday in Houston and is still in jail, reports TMZ.

Parker told prosecutors that Sails, a YouTube star, got angry with her after he noticed she received a direct message from another man on her phone last month, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. Parker claims Sails beat her up so badly she "thought she was going to die."

According to Parker, Sails punched her, slapped her in the face, choked her and slammed her to the ground. She called police, and responding officers reported seeing a black eye and cuts on her neck.

Sources told TMZ she first blamed the injuries on a woman visiting her. Two weeks later, she changed her story and told police that Sails attacked her.

According to The Shade Room, the case is being handled by the Houston Police Department's Major Assaults and Family Violence Division. The site reports that McKenna asked for an emergency protection order.

Police arrested Sails on suspicion of assault on a family member and impeding the breathing of a victim on Thursday. He remains in jail.

According to Madamenoire, a photo of McKenna with a black eye surfaced on social media late last month. When a fan asked what happened on Instagram, McKenna's mother spoke out, calling Sails "trash."

"I'm not the least bit concerned about Chris's fans, he shouldn't have ANY by now," McKenna's mother wrote, as captured by The Jasmine Brand on Instagram. "He is trash and when Parker is ready to address things she will do that on her own terms."

McKenna's mother assured and she "is ok and she will be back to herself in no time with the love of her family. Thank you for your concern."

Sails later offered his side of the story in an Instagram Live video captured by letskeepitabuck.

"I just hate when people look at me as this bad guy when I'm really not," Sails claimed. "That's all that is. People don't even know the story of what really happened. People got problems. People don't really know the story. Little do ya'll know, if her freaking arm was bruised, that means I was defending myself and trying to hold her down. It's so much ya'll don't know. If she got a bruise on her arm, that means I was holding her down from something and what do ya'll think that was? Y'all gotta think here."

McKenna, 23, starred as Kady Kyle, one of Wayans' three children on the 2001-2005 ABC sitcom My Wife And Kids. She recently appeared in the films Lucky Girl and 90 Minutes of the Fever.

Photo credit: Twitter/Parker McKenna