'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter Fires Back at Body Shamer Insisting She Had 'Obvious' Plastic Surgery

Ariel Winter continues to clap back against social media trolls making negative comments about her appearance, defending herself over the weekend from someone who accused her of getting plastic surgery.

"How many surgeries have you had on your body and face now?" the Instagram user wrote, before deciding that Winter had "Two breast reductions, that's obvious, cheek bone and chin shaving and lip fillers. Pretty obvious, she looks so different. #Truth."

Initially, the 21-year-old Modern Family actress appeared to let the comment go, but later decided to set the record straight.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

"I wasn't going to reply but I HAVE to ask...what the f— is cheek bone and chin shaving????" she responded. "You're also wrong about all of it but the way. One breast reductions and I lost weight but you do you boo."

It's not Winter's first rodeo shutting down rude commenters on her Instagram page. In January, she sarcastically replied to someone who accused her of doing drugs. "Yes!! My psychiatrist switched me from my previous antidepressant that didn't work and made me gain weight, to coke/meth!! Definitely not a new one that worked and then regulated my metabolism. Coke/meth was a controversial decision but she stands by it."

While Winter was joking about the illegal drug usage, part of her response was truthful; she explained to her fans on Instagram last month that she switched from an antidepressant that wasn't helping her anymore to a new combination of medications — which caused a sudden drop in her weight.

“I started the process again and was able to find a great combination of medication that works for me,” she said at the time. “The change in medication instantly made me drop all of the weight I couldn’t lose before by just giving me back a metabolism. That was very unexpected.”


She said that while she's feeling much better now, she does miss her curves. “While I feel better mentally with the change, and it’s nice to work out and have your body actually respond, but I want to gain a few pounds of muscle and get healthier,” she said. “Also want my butt back…”

Photo credit: Instagram / @arielwinter