Minnie Driver's Tweet About 'Virusplaining' Amid Coronavirus Sparks Vibrant Discussion on Social Media

Minnie Driver recently tweeted about "virusplaining," amid the Coronavirus outbreak, and her comments have sparked quite a vibrant discussion on social media. In a tweet, Driver wrote, "I’m on a plane. I am not wearing a surgical mask because read advisement from [the World Health Organization]. HOWEVER. I CAN tell you that being offered hand sanitizer is the new chat -up du jour. Grinning Virus-Lothario: 'Squirt?' Me: 'I’m Wet-Wiping thanks.'"

A user then tweeted back, "Unless you wet wipes have a high alcohol content, you're doing it wrong," to which Driver replied, "This is called ‘Virusplaining’ #COVIDー19."

Driver's tweets have set off a flurry of other responses as well, with another user writing, "I thought, wrongly, that antibacterial 'squirts' were ineffective, as it's a virus not a bacteria, BUT it's the Alcohol content that disables it. The higher the alcohol content the better, so Gin is very VERY good for you now."

"Omg, I bet there are men out there carrying sanitizer just to offer to attractive women. Can imagine them perfecting their quick draw of the sanitizer with chat up line in the mirror," someone else quipped.

"Wow. You can’t fault the lothario for his topical angle. But, you know, keep your squirt to yourself mate," another user joked.

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, was first discovered overseas, and recently made its way to the United States. On Thursday, it was announced that the state of Tennessee had encountered its first case of the virus.

"BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: First case of COVID-19 in Tennessee is in Williamson County," tweeted Fox 17 reporter Jennifer Waddell. "A man who recently traveled. He is in isolation at home along with other 'home contacts' according the TN Dept of Health. His symptoms are mild."


State and national government agencies are currently working on plans to lessen the impact of the virus, but officials are strongly urging citizens to wash their hands regularly to help better prevent the spread.

Photo Credit: Presley Ann / Getty Images