Miley Cyrus Shows off New 'Freedom' Tattoo Following Divorce From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus' latest tattoo is all about "freedom" in the midst of her ongoing relationship drama. Cyrus has been through a lot this year, from her divorce to big moves in her career, all while proving freedom is still her first priority. Cyrus' new tattoo, shared to social media Saturday, is the word "freedom" written in wide, thin cursive across the back of her hand and sitting just beyond her knuckles, facing outward so that others can read it clearly. Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, Daniel Winter posted photos of Cyrus rocking the new ink on, while Cyrus posted the same snap to her Instagram Story.

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FREEDOM #freedom #mothersdaugter #mileycyrus #singleneedle #delicatelysharp #tattoo

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"Don't f— with my FREEDOM," she wrote with a skull and crossbones emoji.

Cyrus also posted a picture of another small tattoo on the back of her shoulder. In messy handwriting it read: "I'm proud of U, Yoko," and Cyrus explained that it was a handwritten note that Yoko Ono had sent her after she covered "War Is Over" last holiday season.

Cyrus has gotten plenty of tattoos from Winter over the years, and she is not the only one. According to a profile in The Hollywood Reporter, Winter is a sought after artist in Hollywood due to his proficiency with fine lines and delicate style. In the past, Winter has tattooed Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and Mandy Moore among others.

Winter told the outlet that he is a lifelong artist, and was "basically born with a pencil in [his] hand." A Los Angeles native, he said that he draws customers for very specific style.

"I was fascinated by the art, so I just started adding and collecting [tattoos]," he said. "Every time I got one, I would watch, and learn and learn. People come to me for fine-line, really meaningful, powerful pieces."


This is definitely what Cyrus got from Winter each time she visited him. The singer is now covered in tattoos and shows no signs of slowing her own collection down. Each of her recent additions have been compared to her real-life relationship drama in the minds of fans.

Cyrus is still in the process of divorcing Liam Hemsworth, her on-again, off-again partner for about a decade now. She is also fresh off a breakup from reality star Kaitlynn Carter, and in a new relationship with Australian singer Cody Simpson.