Miley Cyrus Reveals Whether She Would Ever Get Married Again Following Divorce From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth surprised fans in December 2018 when they revealed that they had gotten married in an intimate ceremony at their home in Tennessee, only to divorce less than one year later in August 2019. In a new interview with SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up, Cyrus opened up about whether she would ever get married again after host Nicole Ryan asked the singer for her thoughts on marriage and kids, seeming to answer in the negative.

"Not really, I never really cared that much," Cyrus said. "I am sure that my fans are going to pull up me at 12 saying 'oh I want to have kids' but like I don't, as a 27 year old woman that would have a little bit more of a realistic idea of what they want. That has never been kind of my priority." The singer shared that if she ever were to have a child, she would consider adoption due to the state of the planet. "I actually think in a way, just looking at our climate change and our water and food it feels like to me if anything to me if anything that I would like to take someone that is on the earth," she said. "I love adoption and I think that's really amazing."

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Cyrus added that she isn't shaming anyone that wants to have kids, she just doesn't believe "that's a priority for me in my life." "For me I don't just really think about marriage and things like this anymore," she explained. "I follow a lot of feminists online and it's kind of like, 'How many men do you ask if they are going to get married or have kids?' I'm sure maybe you do want to buy into Jonas Brothers and things like that but I don't think that many men feel the pressure to have kids and to get married."

The Tennessee native's interview comes on the heels of her breakup with Cody Simpson and the release of her new song, "Midnight Sky," which is all about independence. Cyrus revealed that she has been working on developing "clarity" after multiple difficult moments in her life over the past few years, spending time during quarantine focusing on herself.

"It was important to me to be able to really sit with my thoughts," she said. "I think one thing that's been really cool about this time we've all had is, originally we all started literally cleaning house. And, then once you couldn't do that anymore, you had to go into your own self and start cleaning out what you've been holding on to for too long — things that belong to you, things that don't and things that no longer serve you."


"That was really, really healthy for me," Cyrus continued, noting that it was important she do her self-reflecting while sober, a journey she's currently working on. "I don't think I could have done that if my mom hadn't smoked all my weed, and I didn't have any left!"