Miley Cyrus Comes Down With Tonsillitis, Reveals Photo Proof

Miley Cyrus just shared with fans that she has Tonsillitis and isn't happy about it. The "Wrecking Ball" singer took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of herself lying down in bed revealing that she fell victim to the common inflammatory sickness.

Miley IG - Tonsillitis
(Photo: Miley Cyrus)

According to the Mayo Clinic, Tonsillitis "is inflammation of the tonsils, two oval-shaped pads of tissue at the back of the throat - one tonsil on each side." Signs and symptoms include "swollen tonsils, sore throat, difficulty swallowing and tender lymph nodes on the sides of the neck."

Lately, Cyrus has been dealing with a lot of drama surrounding her divorce from estranged husband Liam Hemsworth. The two have been on and off for the last decade and finally tied the knot in December of 2018. However, two months ago, Hemsworth filed for divorce after pictures surfaced online of Cyrus making out with Brody Jenner's now estranged wife Kaitlynn Carter. The two were in Italy when they revealed they were romantically involved. Allegedly, Hemsworth and Cyrus were separated months prior — shortly after their wedding — and that incident is what pushed him over the edge after thinking they could work things out.

"Liam's decision to file for divorce is sad, but in the end, it was never going to work," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "They are too different. Liam never wanted to share Miley with anyone. He loves her and he is far too traditional. He finally realized he just wants to start fresh."

"Liam has come to terms that it was time to move on," the insider continued. "Liam's family has been incredibly supportive. They are relieved it's over."

"At first, Liam wanted to just give it time but he finally felt like things were getting nasty and he didn't want to drag it out publicly," they added. "He decided it was all too much."

Over the weekend, the actor was spotted back at work on the set of Dodge and Miles. He was seen sitting on the hood of a taxi while on break and he was wearing a wedding ring, although it's unclear on whether it's actually his or just for the role.

Cyrus has already come forward a few times addressing their split but recently, she seemed pushed over the edge when a video surfaced of her kissing Cody Simpson in public.


"i know the public feels invested in my past relationship because they felt like they saw it thru the beginning," she started the post. "I think that's why people have always felt so entitled over my life and how I live it because they've watched me grow up...."

She continued to clarify that she is grown now and is fully aware of the decisions she's making, along with that the public only sees what she allows them to.