Miles Teller Reportedly Arrested For Being Drunk In Public

Whiplash star Miles Teller was arrested on Sunday after reportedly being drunk in public and unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement officials.

According to TMZ, the 30-year-old actor was partying with a group of friends in San Diego. A police officer reportedly observed Teller barely being able to stand on the sidewalk and approached him. The cop asked Teller questions and the situation quickly escalated.

Sources said that the Divergent alum nearly fell into a traffic lane after losing his balance. The police officer then put Teller in handcuffs.

In San Diego, the city offers a detox program run by volunteers in which cops can take someone who is drunk and let them sleep it off for four hours. The cop offered to take Teller to the detox location, but he refused.

Despite his reluctance to go to the detox center, the cops took him there anyway. The law enforcement officers were hoping that Teller would cooperate once he was there, but that didn't happen. The staff at the detox place refused to take Teller because he would not follow directions.


It was after this interaction that Teller was placed under arrest for being drunk in public, which is a misdemeanor offense. After being in jail for around 4 hours, Teller was released without bail.

Neither Miles Teller nor his reps have spoken out about the situation at this time.