Meghan Markle's Dad Sends Peace Offering for Her 40th Birthday

Meghan Markle recently celebrated her 40th birthday. Even though he is estranged from his famous daughter, Thomas Markle reportedly had a gift for the Duchess of Sussex all the same, per TMZ. Markle and her father have been estranged for years. Ever since she married Prince Harry, her father has spoken out about her and their relationship to the press.

According to TMZ, Thomas sent his daughter a bouquet of roses for her 40th birthday, which fell on Wednesday. He told the outlet that he sent the bouquet along with a message that read, "Wishing you a happy birthday and brighter days." Thomas explained that the bouquet was made up of a dozen red roses along with two yellow roses in the middle to signify Markle and Harry's two children — Archie and Lilibet. As for Markle's response to the gift, Thomas said he didn't hear anything back from his daughter. He said that he is fine with this and that he hopes that she likes the flowers.

Considering that Markle and her father have had an estranged relationship for years, it's not too surprising to hear that she didn't respond to his gift. Of course, it's interesting to hear about Thomas' gesture, given that he recently told Fox News that he wanted to petition the courts in order to see his grandchildren. In late July, he told the news program that he was going to be pursuing legal action in order to see his two grandkids. Although, given the state of his relationship with his daughter, this is unlikely to come to pass.


Celebrity divorce lawyer Mark Gross explained to Us Weekly why Thomas' possible legal battle wouldn't be a successful one. The attorney said that Thomas' case would be a weak one because of a previous California law that noted that the relationship between the grandparent and the grandchildren plays a role in whether the grandparent would receive visitation or any legal rights. When it comes to that aforementioned case, Gross explained that the judge ruled that there was a "substantial relationship between the grandparent and the children [and] it has to be in the best interest of the children to have a relationship with the grandparent." He went on to explain that "with no relationship established between Mr. Markle and his grandchildren, there is no path that any court would give him for visitation."