Meghan Markle's Reported Disney Role Has Royal Family Supporters Divided

Meghan Markle is apparently working with Disney to lend her acting talents to a voiceover role, and observers of the royal family have some hot takes on the news. The Times reports the Duchess of Sussex will exchange her work in an unidentified project in exchange for a donation to Elephants Without Borders, a charitable organization that fights poaching. Despite the fact that Markle is not doing the work for profit, lots of Facebook users are fired up about the news.

When our story on the news was posted to Facebook, readers chimed in with all kinds of reactions to the casting report. Many took the opportunity to voice their opinions on Markle and Harry exiting the royal family, with the Disney deal solidifying stances on both sides of the fence.

Those who have negative thoughts on the matter saw the news as an indicator that Markle never really wanted life as a royal and wants to return to her acting career.

"She never had any intentions on doing royal duties or abide by their rules. Not surprised at all," one commenter alleged. "Harry should have never married her. I don't for see their marriage to be a long one before he opens his eyes. She is keeping him a distance from his family like she has done with her family. Watch out Harry."

"She's always known Harry may be a royal, but he's for ceremonies and show. Neither him or his kids will ever sit on the throne as he was the 'spare heir.' I believe Megan wanted Harry and the royal wedding but she still wants to be an actress," a Facebook user wrote. "With Harry being the 'spare' I believe she's working on getting him out of the demanding royal duties so she can return and spend most of her time in the U.S. acting. I mean come that she's been made a duchess, with already having had an acting career of some sort, this will make her more bankable for studios."

"She knew who she was marrying... this is sad for the Royal Family," she wrote.

Despite this backlash, those in support of the couple thought there was nothing wrong with Markle lending her talents for a good cause.

"She said she wants to be independent. First step is to earn your own money," one Facebook commenter wrote. "No one knows what happens behind closed doors . We do know that Harry still has a hard time over his mother's death . Maybe too many similar things happening for him. I hope they find happiness, long and happy life together.

"The royals hate anybody who doesn't fall in line and that's why they hated Diana," a second commenter wrote. "I'm glad he's sticking up for his family. He's not going to sit around and let the press try and ruin him like they did his mother."

"People need to stop b—ing," another fired up commenter wrote. "He's never going to be king and neither in their son. Maybe he just tried of being a royal and wants to do something different. People should understand. They seen how it broke down their mom. Give him a damn break. Jesus Christ."

"Good for her. Leave them alone and stop hounding them," another Facebook user wrote.


No more details on Markle's alleged Disney project are available as of press time.

Photo Credit: USA Network