Prince Harry's Friends Reportedly Have an 'Issue' With Meghan Markle's Politics

Meghan Markle's life since becoming the Duchess of Sussex and marrying Prince Harry in May has reportedly become isolated. Aside from the near-constant press her estranged family gets for criticizing her, sources say Harry's friends do not care for her politics.

"Her politics are an issue," Lady Colin Campbell, a writer and confidant of Princess Diana, told the Daily Beast. "She is ultra-liberal and that trendy-lefty stuff does not go down well with some of Harry's friends. He has introduced her to them all at parties and weddings and private dinners, but she is very anti- a lot of the things that their world functions upon, such as shooting."

Campbell added, "Everybody discovers after marrying into the royal family how solitary and arduous an existence it can be. Meghan has already begun to discover this."

Thanks to her experience as a successful actress though, Markle is ahead of the curve with her own ways to cope with the "solitary nature of her existence in a way that few others could have," Campbell said.

"Diana's life was more isolated than it would otherwise have been. It is apparent that beneath her charm Meghan can be rather tough, her challenge is to maintain the new relationships she builds," Campbell added.

These comments follow a PEOPLE report from last week, in which a source said Markle is finding it hard to find people she can trust outside a small group of friends she has on speed dial.

"Meghan has lost touch with some of her close friends from before the wedding, which has been tough," the source told the magazine on Sept. 12. "She's finding it hard to know who to trust."

Another source said her father Thomas Markle's interviews have been "very wearing on her."

For the most part, Markle has spent her time at her Oxfordshire estate with Harry since their marriage, and has attended several official events. However, she did reportedly make a secret trip to Toronto to meet her close friend, stylist Jessica Mulroney. The other friends she keeps in touch with include childhood friend Benita Litt and makeup artist Daniel Martin.

"There never seems to be anyone with her except a cop following at a discreet distance," a source told the Daily Beast. "She does not seem unhappy but she does seem very solitary."


Markle and Harry's first big overseas trip since May will be in October to visit Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga during the Invictus Games in Sydney.

Photo credit: GEOFF PUGH/AFP/Getty Images