Meghan Markle Appears to Have a British Accent Now in New Video

Does Meghan Markle have a British accent? While many Royal Family fans have speculated on the theory before, they are absolutely convinced of it this time around after Markle appeared in the two-part documentary Queen of the World.

In a sneak peek of Markle's role in the documentary, which focuses on how she paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day, she can be heard speaking about her wedding dress.

"My goodness, it's amazing, isn't it?" the Duchess of Sussex said while looking at the dress, looking for a piece of blue fabric stitched into the inside of the dress.

"It was my something blue ... It's fabric from the dress that I wore on our first date," Markle said in the video shared by ITV.

Many British fans compared Markle's "softer" cadence to Madonna's adopted English accent when she moved across the pond while many wondered if Markle had undergone the voice coaching that Kate Middleton also did when she married Prince William.

"Meghan has had voice coaching, she seems much softer, bit like how Kates changed too," one Twitter user wrote.

"Meghan is losing her American accent," someone else wrote.

"Meghan's developed a case of Madonna's Accent Change," another person said.

Others didn't see the big deal in the change in Markle's tone. "Our press wind me up sometimes. Reading criticism of Meghan's slight accent change. She lives in the UK [for f— sake], surrounded by Brits, it's going to happen, and listening to a clip, it's only subtle, give her a break," someone wrote.

It's not the first time fans have wondered if Markle has picked up a British accent. In a video shared in June, Markle met fans ahead of an engagement with Queen Elizabeth in which she shook hands and talked to people in the crowd — with her voice sounding a tad different.

"Yes, she definitely has a slight British accent!" one Twitter user wrote in response to the video.

"I can kinda hear it," someone else said.

Others argued that it was a "well-traveled American accent" while others argued still that she had "no accent" at all.

Accent or not, fans love to speculate about the Duchess. The latest speculation comes in the form of a potential hidden baby bump. Some fans have even gone so far as to theorize that because Markle is wearing her hair differently these days, it means she's about to unveil a pregnancy.

Fans have picked up on the fact that Markle has favored wearing her hair in loose curls or a low bun ever since the wedding to Prince Harry, but those habits were laid to rest this week when she arrived at the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University Monday wearing her hair straight in layers, a style she hasn't worn since at least before her wedding.

The change may seem innocent enough on its own, but fans were quick to point out that Kate Middleton has debuted a new hairstyle just before each of her three pregnancies were announced.


Markle's style choice also alerted fans to a potential pregnancy, since she wore a peplum top that would make it easy to conceal any small baby bump underneath.

Do you think Markle has developed an English accent? What are your thoughts on a potential pregnancy? Share in the comments below.