Sounds Like Meghan Markle Has Adopted British Accent

Meghan Markle seems to be adapting well to her new life as the Duchess of Sussex and member of the British Royal Family — so much so, that she is starting to talk in a British accent.

In a video taken as Meghan met fans ahead of an engagement with Queen Elizabeth II on June 14, Markle graciously shook hands, smiles and talks to people in the crowd, but her voice sounded a little different.

First reported by InStyle, the video shows how much of an influence living among the British has affected Markle already.

Body Language expert Judi James recently said that Markle has become more comfortable and confident in her role as a royal, starting with her history wedding day when she appeared poised in front of millions.

"To arrive alone to face rows of U.K. royals and know the eyes of the entire world are on you could easily have created anxiety signals similar to Harry's but Meghan's upright back, congruent smile and quasi-royal composure suggested she was undaunted by the experience," James said of the Los Angeles-born and raised Royal.

"Her hands didn't fiddle in her lap, she barely checked her incredibly long veil and she smiled at the guests like a host rather than a jittery new bride," James continued. "Her levels of confidence seemed to sustain Harry who sits here with a less assured posture, gazing down as though lost in his own thoughts or emotions."

Her confidence has translated into her new role as a royal as seen in her and Harry's behavior just days after their wedding at Prince Charles' 70th birthday party.

According to James, Markle displayed a "comfortable transition into her new role as a royal" as she walked alongside Harry in a completely different manner.

"Meghan was often quite coy and giggly, using facial cut-offs and the clutch bag barrier rituals to suggest she was made quite shy by her happiness but then this gesture which is hugely powerful and significant in terms of their relationship," she said of a moment when Markle placed her hand on Harry's back.

One relationship that seems to be going smoothly is that of Meghan and Queen Elizabeth, who were all smiles in another photo from the June 14 event.


"Now that she's been with the queen alone on an outing, we see that they have a caring connection."

Markle and Harry married on May 19 at Windsor Castle in a ceremony that was broadcast across the world.