Megan Fox's Kids Crash 'Today' Interview With Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager

Megan Fox and Today hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie all tried to keep their cool during their interview when Fox's kids were so adorable and crawling around in the background of their mom's segment for the national spot. Fox, who was on to discuss her new and upcoming horror film, Till Death, couldn't help but to laugh along with the network hosts as her three little kids just couldn't help but grace everyone with their presence. Throughout the interview, all three women started chuckling as her sweet children were seen several times just walking and crawling in the background.

The actress, who recently was accused of being an absent mother amid her divorce battle with estranged husband Brian Austin Green, clearly seemed to enjoy her kids crashing her interview as she explained to viewers that they had just woken up because it was 7 a.m. her time. "They just woke up," she said. "It's 7:30 [a.m.] here so they woke up a few minutes ago and it just is what it is, it's like, we just have to make it work." She then went on to describe the room she was filming from and explained why her three little ones including, Bodhi, Noah, and Journey, had just woken up.

"I'm in the house we're staying in for now, this is the living room area, and they all fell asleep on the couch night watching a movie," she explained while both Hager and Guthrie were heard in the background reacting fondly. When they proceeded to tell the actress that they were both "terrified" after watching the trailer to the new film and asking if she "prefers" the horror genre of films, before Fox could answer, one of her children was seen crawling in the backbround and Fox couldn't help but to laugh. "Um, do I prefer the horror genre? I ... he's gonna crawl over on this side," she said while laughing before proceeding to answer their question.

"I do prefer ... there's three of them so you're gonna see all different kinds of ..." she explained regarding her kids, while the hosts said they were loving it. "I prefer comedy infused with the thriller element, or the horror element, that's what Jennifer's Body was," she noted of her other film. "[...] This movie is a psychological thriller, there are some horror elements but I also think it's hilarious, I don't know if everyone else will agree," she said.


When she was asked about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and how she feels about being a headline almost every day, Fox explained while it's not "preferable" to have the public always know their every move and be in so deep into their relationship, she did note that she's just trying to enjoy the "moment" for the time being. She also mentioned that she cries all the time thinking about how fast her children have grown up and she wishes she could send them back to the 2 and 3-year-old phase just for a moment because they grew up so fast.