Matt Lauer Spotted Tooling Around Hamptons on His Motorcycle

Matt Lauer is embracing his unattached lifestyle after the Today show, riding his motorcycle around the Hamptons on Friday.

Lauer was photographed in full motorcyclist regalia on Friday. The picture, published by Page Six, shows the former anchor glancing over his shoulder as he sits stopped on his Harley Davidson. The sun glinted off off Lauer's full-face helmet as the photo was taken. he wore sturdy boots with a thick heel, jeans and a riding jacket.

Lauer is spending all of his time in the Hamptons these days after he was fired from NBC back in November following sexual harassment claims. The journalist is reportedly having a hard time selling one of his homes — a large estate in Sag Harbor — as he has even less need of the space now than he did before.

Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, has been seeking a divorce from the disgraced newsman, even spending extended periods of time back home in Europe to avoid him. Sources close to Lauer told Entertainment Tonight that he is keeping to himself and feeling lonely, though he is still hoping for a comeback. He spends much of his time with his three kids — 16-year-old Jack, 14-year-old Romy and 11-year-old Thijs.

"He hasn't shown his face at his Manhattan apartment lately," the source said. "The Hamptons has been a good place for him to hide, but he isn't sure he will stay. Matt definitely regrets his behavior. He lost not only his family, but his career and many of his closest friends. The Today show was his life."

Just last week, Lauer was spotted making a rare appearance in Manhattan, where he had dinner with senior Today producer Deborah Kosofsky. Page Six reported that the two were seen at a restaurant in the Upper East side called East Pole.

"They were in the middle of the room," a witness said. "They were talking about vacation spots."

Lauer was also heard to say that he is considering moving "to the mountains," and is feeling "ready to restart his life."


To do so, Lauer will have to ditch the Sag Harbor house. He has already reportedly lowered the price from its original $18 million to $12.75 million, and still no one has made a bid.

Lauer was one of the most prominent figures to lose his job in the #MeToo movement that dominated headlines last week. The movement is far from over, however, as powerful men are still being called into question on a regular basis.