Mark Consuelos Calls out Thieves Who Swiped His Newspaper On-Camera

Mark Consuelos is calling on his Instagram followers to help locate the man who stole his Sunday newspaper in security footage.

Consuelos posted a clip from his home security camera showing the moment a man in shorts and a t-shirt swiped his New York Times from his front steps and jogged off. Consuelos had a decent sense of humor about the whole thing, even putting the Ironside Siren Sound from Kill Bill over the video for dramatic effect. However, it was clearly no joke that he wanted his paper back.

"If anyone sees this nice young man, can you ask him to return my Sunday @nytimes ... thanks," Consuelos wrote.

He even threw in a jab for his Riverdale co-stars Cole Sprouse and Skeet Ulrich, adding: "I would say it's @colesprouse but this guys calves are too big...also could be @skeetme1."

Consuelos capped off his post with a couple of choice hashtags, including: "who does that." His followers were in agreement, questioning who would grab another person's print newspaper in today's day and age.

"[Oh my God]!!! Bandit!!!" wrote Bravo's Andy Cohen. "Also — IS HE SEEING ANYBODY???"

"A well read a— I guess," added actor Joel McHale.

A couple of Consuelos' co-stars got in on the joke as well, chiming in with their own light-hearted jokes.

"ON A SUNDAY," wrote Riverdale star Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller.

"I'll bring it back tomorrow," joked Ulrich with a shrug emoji. "Sorry."

Consuelos did not give fans anymore updates on the great newspaper caper, though he was active on Instagram on Monday morning. The actor was pulling double duty for a while this month, filling as his wife's co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan while Ryan Seacrest was out sick. For the few episodes that Consuelos was on, fans were loving his authentic chemistry with Kelly Ripa, and some even wanted to see the switch become permanent.


"Am I the only one NOT missing Ryan Seacrest? Mark Consuelos has MUCH better energy with Kelly. Yes I realize they're married, but he's just so charming and he's the perfect balance to her giddy," one fan tweeted at the time.

Now, Seacrest is officially back and Consuelos has more time to kick back and read the paper — if he can find one. Live with Kelly and Ryan airs live on weekdays at 9 a.m. ET on CBS. Riverdale airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.