Mariah Carey Has Fans Concerned With Bizarre Live Stream

Mariah Carey's fans and friends are reportedly worried about her emotional stability after the pop superstar shared a bizarre video rant about her new song on social media.

In a Facebook Live video posted on Thursday night, the 47-year-old singer can be seen running from room to room in her apartment while wearing a crimson silk robe. She excitedly speaks about her new song, "The Star," and repeatedly talks about her nails and trying to get the person filming to capture her at the correct angles.

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Over the course of the five-minute clip, Carey displays seemingly odd behavior and can't seem to sit still for long. Fans watching the live stream took to the comments to express their concern for Carey and to speak out about her behavior.

"This is super awkward," one person wrote.

"Omg, stop walkin round everywhere," another commented.

Within minutes of the live stream being posted, it was removed from Carey's Facebook page.

Sources close to Carey told The Blast that her friends and her music associates are "extremely concerned" given that her "manic" behavior in the video was similar to how she acted in 2001 before experiencing an "emotional and physical breakdown."


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The sources also reportedly said that they are worried about Carey's mental health and they believe that she ought to seek professional help.