Mandy Moore Wows With Throwback Cheerleading Routine Despite Popping Button

Mandy Moore took the stage on The Late Late Show and wowed the crowd with a throwback cheerleading [...]

Mandy Moore took the stage on The Late Late Show and wowed the crowd with a throwback cheerleading routine despite popping a button during the performance.

While appearing in James Corden's talk show alongside Jenna Dewan, the topic of cheerleading came up due to the fact that both actresses wielded pom-poms in their younger years.

"I loved cheerleading. I was not the most physically adept cheerleader, but I was very vocal," Moore said after Corden showed off a throwback picture of her in uniform. "I was passionate and I was loud."

She went on to reveal that she had been doing cheerleading and singing at the same time but eventually had to choose between them because there was a concern that she was "just going to blow out" her voice.

Corden asked if she remembered any of her old cheers, at which point Moore stood up and delivered a routine that had the crowd cheering.

"I'm mortified! I just popped my shirt open," Moore joked after finishing the cheer while Corden and Dewan praised her talents.

When she isn't busy performing old cheerleading routines, Moore is hard at work on her hit NBC series This Is Us.

In a Gold Derby interview from earlier in 2018 she opened up about what it was like to film season two, saying that it "really put me through my paces!"

"It was challenging, especially the latter part of the season, but I was braced and ready for it," Moore said. "I don't know if you can make it through an episode of our show without us crying on set or people crying at home!"

During the conversation, Moore specifically opened up about the Super Bowl episode and how crucial it was to the shows narrative.

"I felt a tremendous amount of responsibility because that episode was answering a lot of questions that a lot of people had about the entire series," she confessed. "It was a pivotal episode and I thought it was written so exquisitely… it was so traumatic, but it wasn't cinematic in what people typically expect… because it was so quiet and it happened off screen, I felt that it was so much more fundamentally effective."

She later shared how she was feeling when she shot the scene where her character, Rebecca Pearson, had to enter the hospital where her husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) was being treated.

"I didn't know that Milo was going to be there for the first take. We had shot the scene in the episode where we are sitting side by side in the bed, where we talk about what happened and how we were going to piece our lives back together after this fire," she tearfully revealed.

"Then after I was ready to go, I remember turning the corner, walking into the room, and I had prepared myself fully for seeing an empty hospital bed and there was Milo, laying on the bed with his shirt off and the paddles next to him on the bed, and I was frozen," she continued. "I was in the moment. I was able to flash through everything I had read in the script about them getting married, being in the hospital having their babies, and these unbelievably beautiful pillars of what their lives used to be like together, and then I looked at the bed… and having Milo there… definitely helped me get there."

This Is Us will began airing its third season on September 25.