Man Threatening President Trump, 'Teen Mom' Star Bristol Palin Captured by Authorities

The FBI has reportedly caught one of its most wanted fugitives — a man who has issued death [...]

The FBI has reportedly caught one of its most wanted fugitives — a man who has issued death threats against President Donald Trump as well as the family of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

The provocateur is named Shawn Christy, and the FBI has been looking for him for months, according to a report by The Blast. Christy has made threats and insults against the Palin family — including new Teen Mom star Bristol Palin — for years, and this year he took it a step further when he went after the commander-in-chief. He finally came onto the FBI's radar in June, when he failed to show up at a court hearing for an assault case.

A task force reportedly cornered Christy in Mifflin Township, Ohio on Friday. He was arrested on the spot, though where he is being held and what happens next are still unclear. According to his wanted poster, he is charged with interstate communication of threats and threats against the President of the United States.

Christy was already a wanted man when the federal government became involved. The FBI, U.S. Marshalls and the Secret Service all went looking for Christy after he reportedly threatened to "put a bullet" in the president's head, and use "lethal force" against any agents or law enforcement officials who got in his way.

Christy also has a years-long history with the Palin family as well. He has been accused of stalking and terrorizing various members of the high profile family, particularly Bristol Palin. The family has sought multiple protective orders against the fugitive, but that has not always held him at bay.

Last month, Christy even went after Palin's ex-husband, Dakota Meyer, breaking into the man's home. Meyer was not home at the time of the attack, but Christy ws able to steal a Jeep from his garage while he was away. He used the vehicle to continue fleeing from police.

The FBI was offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Christy's capture. The U.S. Marshals and Secret Service may also have rewarded informants, though they did not specify in what amounts. He was suspected to be traveling with a few stolen handguns, but there was no word on what he had in his possession when he was arrested.

Christy comes originally from New Jersey, though the FBI were basing their search for him out of their Philadelphia field office. None of Christy's victims have remarked on his capture.