Malia Obama and Long Time British Boyfriend Rory Farquharson Spotted at Brunch

Former First Daughter Malia Obama and her long-time British boyfriend Rory Farquharson were recently spotted at brunch together. In photos shared by The Daily Mail, the two were pictured enjoying time together while at the Ojai Valley Inn, a luxury resort in California. Both of the 21-year-old's were dressed casually, and sat next to one another as they dined with members of Farquharson's family. The pair met while they were both studying at Harvard University.

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Sources who were also present told the outlet, "Malia seemed really calm and relaxed," adding, "A couple of people went over and said hello and she was nice. She seemed shy."

"She was normal, just wearing jeans and a Hawaiian shirt," the sourced also said. "I thought: 'Wow, this is the President's daughter, shouldn't there be security all around?' But there wasn't. In fact, she walked in by herself."

Regarding the other people dining with Obama and Farquharson, the source said, "I think the other man must have been his brother because he looked just like him. Malia hugged him and the older man who I assumed was Rory's father. I don't know who the woman was. Malia was introduced to her so I don't think they had met before."

Back in 2017, Obama and Farquharson were caught on camera kissing one another. This is when they are said to have first started dating.

Interestingly, Twitter has been buzzing lately with Malia Obama sightings.

"Just had dinner a couple tables away from the true princess of America (Malia Obama) and i can’t believe im completely star stuck by a millennial. She’s SO gorgeous in person holy smokes," one user tweeted over the weekend.


"Met Malia Obama today and had to act cool," someone else tweeted last week, later adding that they met her while checking "her bag" at "the airport." The user went on to say, "She is so chill and nice, I was low key geeking."

"A month ago Malia Obama asked gene where the bathroom was at the Egyptian theater and I'm only finding out about it today," another Twitter user recently tweeted.