Macaulay Culkin Has Bizarre Twitter Exchange With Fellow Former Child Actor Devon Sawa

Macaulay Culkin and Devon Sawa had an odd interaction on Twitter on Tuesday, culminating in a [...]

Macaulay Culkin and Devon Sawa had an odd interaction on Twitter on Tuesday, culminating in a frantic GoFundMe crowfunding campaign.

It all started with a selfie from Sawa, smiling down at the camera in a black t-shirt that read "Macaulay Culkin," with an arrow pointing up to his face.

"I'm about to go rob a mother f—ing bank!!" he wrote, apparently joking that he would implicate Culkin in his crime. Culkin responded on Tuesday morning, setting up a mocking GoFundMe page in Sawa's name.

"Wait! Before you throw our lives away.. I made you this instead," he wrote, with a link to the campaign. "Maybe your pal JTT can throw in some dough too."

The GoFundMe seemed to be made in jest, offering little detail about why Sawa as in such great need.

"Devon Sawa needs our help," it read, with nothing more than a screen shot of his tweet for explanation. "He is better than this. Devon, you have more friends than you think, and we are here to help you!"

At the time of this writing, the campaign has collected $0 out of its $10,000 goal.

"Damn you, Culkin!!" Sawa wrote when he finally saw the link. "Damn you to hell."

By JTT, Culkin and Sawa were reportedly referring to Jonathan Taylor Thomas, yet another child star who Sawa co-starred with in Wild America back in 1997. However, Sawa offered a bleak view of his relationship with Thomas as well.

"Re: JTT. According to the courts, I can't come within 150 feet of him," he wrote.

The whole exchange seemed to be a joke. At the very least, Sawa's followers seemed to think so. Sadly, Thomas is not on Twitter to either defend himself or get in on the prank, but there seemed to be no real animosity toward him.

"Yes, the attacker was a former blonde child star," replied one fan, keeping Sawa's premise alive. "No, I don't know which one. Never could tell the difference if I'm honest."

Culkin's followers, meanwhile, seemed to have a clear understanding of his sense of humor thanks to his Bunny Ears Podcast. The actor is now 37 episodes into his Internet broadcasting endeavor, and things are picking up steam. He even recorded an episode at Camp No Counselor last month, a sleep-away camp for adults as first pitched on Shark Tank. Culkin documented his entire experience at the camp on social media, and a clip shows another podcaster mockingly referring to Culkin as Devon Sawa.