Luke Perry's Last 'Riverdale' Scene Was Classic Fred Andrews

This week's episode of Riverdale marked the last one Luke Perry had filmed before his tragic death in March, and his final scene was an all-too-familiar one for fans of the CW drama.

The scene took place in the Andrews' kitchen, with Perry's Fred Andrews talking with his son, Archie (KJ Apa), after Archie delivered a killing blow to his boxing opponent Randy Ronson in the ring.

Randy had actually died because he had been taking drugs, and Fred did his best to reassure his son that the accident was not his fault.

"Son, from everything you've said, it's clear that Randy died from those drugs," Fred said. "An autopsy will support that. You're innocent."

Despite Fred's well-intentioned words, Archie wasn't convinced, explaining that he had known Randy was using and should have stopped the fight but didn't want to forfeit.

Archie eventually assuaged his conscience when he donated the prize money from the fight, as well as money from a benefit Veronica had thrown, to Randy's family, a move Fred would likely be proud of.

Fred has long served as the show's moral pillar, always stepping in to offer sage advice to his son, though Archie doesn't always take it. A hardworking man who love his town and his family, it's clear that Riverdale will be losing something it will never recover when Perry no longer graces the screen.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed on Sunday that this week's episode would be the last one in which Perry appears, tweeting that he wishes the scenes between Fred and Archie "could go on forever."

The show is currently preparing to wrap up its third season in May, and has not yet set up a plot point for Fred's departure. Based on the character's deep attachment to both Archie and the town of Riverdale, Fred flying the coop seems almost impossible, making it very likely that he will die.

Aguirre-Sacasa previously told Entertainment Tonight that the series will address Perry's death in a narrative way.

"You know, honestly, we are I think all still in shock and are all still processing and grieving," he said. "We know that we have to address it in some way, but we're giving ourselves a little bit of time and space before we figure out the best way to honor him."


Perry passed away on March 4, just under one week after suffering a major stroke at his home in California. He had been filming Riverdale prior to his death.

Photo Credit: The CW