Luke Bryan Gives Fellow 'American Idol' Judge Katy Perry Key Marriage Advice About 'Going to Bed Angry'

Luke Bryan offered up some marriage advice to his American Idol co-host Katy Perry ahead of her wedding to Orlando Bloom. In an interview with PEOPLE, the country singer spoke highly of Perry, and even gave some admittedly standard advice about how to survive the sacred institution. And all without even getting an invite to the wedding.

"What I like most about watching their relationship and even having the ability to call Katy a friend," Bryan said. "I mean, she's such a good-hearted person. When I’m around her I almost forget how big of a global star she is.

"You can give advice, but marriage is a living, breathing thing," he continued. "My thing is -- it might sound cliché -- but just don’t go to bed mad at each other. Even if you do go to bed mad at each other, don’t let it snowball. Me and Caroline get at each other as much as anybody, but we try not to let it drag out and or bury our problems."

Last week, Bryan had told PEOPLE that he thinks Perry is "going to be a blast to have as a mom," while complimenting the kind of relationship she and Bloom share.

"I couldn't imagine growing up in her household. Even when I talk about me and my kids, she's checking out how I juggle the kids. We'll see one day if it ever happens how she'll respond, but I know she's going to be an amazing mom. Her and Orlando, they have a fun relationship and I think that's very critical. Keep the relationship fun."

The singer went on to admit that he attempts the same with his wife of 13 years, Caroline. "If life gets busy and we get in a funk and we realize we haven't talked to each other in a while, no matter how mad you make each other, try and communicate."


Perry and Bloom got engaged on Valentine's Day last year after dating off-and-on since 2016. Despite Bryan's kind words, neither he nor American Idol co-host Lionel Richie will be there when Perry actually walk down the aisle. When the three recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Perry admitted she simply "can't afford them."

"I mean, look. They have a lot of work to do, you know, while I'm out getting married again," she said, referring to her previous marriage to comic Russell Brand.