Lori Loughlin Reportedly 'Processing' How Felicity Huffman's Sentencing Affects Her Own Case

Felicity Huffman's sentencing for 14 days behind prison bars and a $30,000 fine after her indictment for the college admissions scandal hit the headlines on Friday. Shortly after, many began to wonder what would happen with her fellow accused actress Lori Loughlin. The former Full House star is likely the face of the scandal at this point thanks to her and husband Mossimo Giannulli's decision to turn down a plea deal similar to Huffman's and the nature of her crime.

It hasn't helped that her children were also caught in the spotlight, especially Olivia Jade thanks to her status as an Instagram influencer with several professional beauty contracts lost due to the scandal.

Now many are waiting to see her fate as her case goes to trial in the near future. And according to PEOPLE, Loughlin is paying close attention right now.

"Lori is aware of Felicity's sentence, and is processing what that means for her," a source close to the family says according to PEOPLE. "Her only move now is to take this to court and to prove that she is not guilty of what she's charged with."

Many took to Twitter after Huffman's sentencing came down, noting that her case and Loughlin's almost stood in total opposition to each other in severity.

"Lori Loughlin definitely stressing out now. While 14 days in jail might not seem to be much, that sentence was for highly cooperating defendant who only paid $15,000 in 'bribe.' Loughlin is totally uncooperative, showing no regret & paid in excess of $500,000 in 'bribes'," one comment pointed out on social media.

Additionally, as TMZ points out, the judge who handed down Huffman's sentence seemed to hint at a harsher treatment for Loughlin in the wake of the Desperate Housewives star's "near immediate acceptance of responsibility" for her role in the scandal. The amount of money paid also comes into account.


However, the judge also condemned the entire college admissions system following the ruling, saying it "has cracks" with or without the alleged money paid by Loughlin or Huffman. They also shared displeasure in the notion of "general deterrence" or scaring other parents away from doing similar crimes or acts in the future, saying it "doesn't make sense."

No date is set for Loughlin's trial at this point but it is expected in the near future.