Apparel Company Demands Logan Paul Stop Using Their Name, Citing Declining Sales

The backlash against Logan Paul for his controversial YouTube vlog continues with Maverick Apparel now demanding he stop using their name.

In a news release published Thursday, the company attributed a decline in sales to Paul's "Maverick by Logan Paul," saying consumers might believe the brands are connected.

The company, a "New York City based leading manufacturer and clothing company that prides itself in building wholesome apparel brands for juniors and children" sent out a letter on Thursday, demanding Paul cease in using their brand name on his products.

"Maverick Apparel has noticed a rapid and significant decline in its sales, reputation and goodwill of the Maverick Apparel brand as a direct result of your repulsive, abhorrent and mutton-headed conduct," the company said.

"In choosing to promulgate yourself and your maw-wallop across social media and champion yourself as an object of ridicule, hatred and contempt, you have simultaneously infected the good name of Maverick Apparel."


Maverick Apparel said that Paul is sullying their name with his social media "parade of intolerance," and adds that his very name "has become synonymous with racist, anti-Asian and homophobic sentiments, and most recently, a belligerent insensitivity to suicide."

Finally, Maverick Apparel has given Paul a seven-day window to halt all use of their name with his products or they will sue for the $4 million in lost sales damages that the company estimates it has lost since the backlash against Paul began.