Lizzo Has Lakers Fans Furious and Calling for Her to Be Banned From Staples Center

Fans are calling for rapper Lizzo to be banned from the Los Angeles Staples Center after she [...]

Fans are calling for rapper Lizzo to be banned from the Los Angeles Staples Center after she showed up to Sunday night's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves in a skin-bearing outfit that showed off her behind. The 31-year-old musician drew plenty of comments over the look, which included a black t-shirt dress featuring a cut out backside to show off her thong, and many of those in attendance and watching from home seemed to feel that the ensemble was so wildly inappropriate that it deserved a lifetime ban.

"Deserves a lifetime Ban from the [NBA] [Staples Center]. But of course the feminist not gone say nothing about this," one person wrote.

"[NBA] ban her," another encouraged.

"They should ban lizzo from all nba arenas like they did that one chick for flashing during the World Series," a third tweeted.

[NBA] you need to BAN Lizzo from attending any future basketball game period," another wrote.

One Twitter poll with nearly 19,000 participants even tallied 81 percent of people in favor of a ban, with just 19 percent thinking the outfit didn't warrant such a drastic response.

Calls for a ban were first prompted Sunday night, with some expressing concerns over the outfit's appropriateness in a setting where children are in attendance. Meanwhile, others expressed worry that it was unhygienic.

"Wow, can't believe she would show up like that (and they let her in with her butt hanging out) at a family event," one person tweeted. "I think she's sexy, but she shouldn't be dressed like that there."

"The only thing I have to say about lizzo is how was she that comfortable sitting her bare ass on a seat at a basketball game like ... germs..." another tweeted.

At this time, neither the NBA nor the Staples Center have responded to the calls to ban Lizzo.

Although Lizzo has not outwardly addressed the backlash to the revealing look, she did suggest on Twitter that she was inspired by a video of Rihanna twerking in the now-legendary Swarovski-encrusted, sheer fishnet dress she wore to the 2014 CFDA Awards.

On Monday, the singer also debuted the music video for her hit single "Good As Hell," which was originally released in 2016 on her Coconut Oil EP.