Lindsay Lohan Shares Bizarre Video Dancing at a Gas Station

Lindsay Lohan wowed her Instagram followers Wednesday night when she shared a bizarre video of herself dancing outside a moving car at a gas station. The Mean Girls star wore a hot pink suit matching suit while she sang and danced outside the car to "Get Up" by Terrell Hines. The person filming her from the backseat of the moving vehicle captured Lohan saying "Oh my," at the end of the clip.

"Fill-in' the tank with my [fire emoji] flamingo moves," she captioned the video, adding the hashtag #DoTheLilo.

The video post — which has since been deleted — was quickly filled with comments from fans and friends, cheering her on while she boogied. She also shared — and deleted — the clip to her Instagram Story.

It's not the first time The Masked Singer Australia judge has gone viral for her dance moves. When she danced at her club, Lindsay Lohan Beach House, in Mykonos, Greece, last year, social media went wild for her moves, which featured her side-stepping and flipping her hair. In fact, the clip inspired the hashtag #DoTheLilo, which Lohan used on Wednesday's post.

In a clip shared to an Instagram Story by Neil Wang, Lohan was on stage and dancing while clubgoers cheered her on. Wang told Entertainment Tonight that Lohan "decided to get on stage and then she played music on the DJ's computer. She interacted with the DJ. She interacted with the crowd downstairs. Everybody went crazy! She was having the best time of her life and then that's when I decided I had to document this moment because it's legendary."

After his Instagram Story went viral, Wang said he was shocked.

"I had absolutely no idea that it would go viral because I thought it was just fun for me and my friends," Wang recalled. "But later I realized over this past weekend, all the celebrities and all the social media accounts started reposting the video. And even Lindsay Lohan herself reposted the video on her website and started the dance challenge."


Celebrities like Busy Philipps got in on the meme-able trend, posting a video at the time mimicking Lohan's dance while in her kitchen. It's labor day weekend! Get down like Lindsay in Mykonos!" she wrote in the post.

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Even Lohan can't explain her knack for creating instant classic dance moves. "I was like, how do I even do those steps? Because I was just dancing!" she told Entertainment Weekly last year. "I don't even know exactly how I would do that!"