Lindsay Lohan Hopes 'Beach Club' Will Show People Her 'Past Is Past'

Lindsay Lohan is looking to leave her past behind and embrace her role as a boss in Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

The reality show, which focuses on Lohan's role as a day club owner in Mykonos, Greece as it relates to a group of young "ambassadors" looking to make it in the world of club operations, premiered Tuesday on MTV, and made it clear that Lohan is moving on from her Mean Girls days.

The actress told Entertainment Weekly ahead of the premiere that showing her business sense publicly was important in her effort to return to the spotlight in the U.S. after troubles with the paparazzi and press that forced her abroad.

"This is a time for me to just show people that the past is the past and we're only moving forward," she explained of her decision to show her employer-employee relationship with the young Americans on reality television. "It was definitely a juxtaposed position that I was put in, and I really appreciate that and admire it because these kids also have their own issues they're going through in those moments, and I got to have some insight and get to know these people."

"Two of the girls that work with us had an argument over this guy. I said, 'Look, we're supposed to stick together; we're women! You have a beautiful opportunity in life. You're here for the right reasons, so you have to be friends with each other,'" Lohan continued of her role as the hard-partying crew's matriarch. "To actually hear a story from someone is something that we forget to do all the time. This show really explores other sides to people and how I can share my past with them [to] help them."

Lohan's Grecian club went viral long before Beach Club premiered when the actress was filmed during the show's production doing a carefree dance that turned into a meme.

Lohan joked that she didn't even know she was being filmed in that moment until she was emailed the link to the video by a colleague: "She goes 'This dance is going viral. It's called #DotheLilo!' and I was like, 'What are you talking about?'"

"Then, I saw it," she continued. "And she was like, 'We have to make this a spectacular thing,' and she did! But it wasn't planned… we were just having fun and it became something. Then I saw Halloween costumes later, and it completely changed the whole perception of what dancing is!"

It's fun moments like this in Beach Club that the Parent Trap actress called "an opportunity" for her to truly overcome her troubled past in the eyes of the public, whom she hopes will "please just leave me alone and just give me positive affirmations" for the new endeavor.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: Instagram/Lindsay Lohan