'Last Man Standing' Alum Molly Ephraim Addresses Controversial Brett Kavanaugh 'Hero' Post

Former Last Man Standing star Molly Ephraim is no longer on Twitter, and stressed that a Twitter post claiming to show her calling Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh a "hero" is not her.

Ephraim shared a screenshot of a tweet with a photo of Kavanaugh and the hashtag "#hero." The Front Runner star said she did not post it.

molly ephraim kavanaugh instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Molly Ephraim)

"Reeeeeal quick reminder that I am NOT on Twitter, this is NOT me, I believe women, and I loathe beer-soaked, screaming entitlement & sexual assault. Just a couple fun facts about me," she wrote.

Ephraim left Twitter for good on Oct. 2. "Quit the ol' ball 'n chain [Twitter & FB] but will still be here, periodically posting pics of my sentient meatloaf," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her dog.

It is not clear what drove Ephraim to leave Twitter, but she did often use her account there to share her political views, which clashed with some conservative Last Man Standing viewers. She made it clear she was no fan of Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual harassment before being confirmed to the Supreme Court. On Sept. 26, the situation inspired Ephraim to share her own experience with sexual harassment.

"Until Kavanaugh, I'd almost forgotten that a bunch of my older male friends in college had a super funny inside joke for a couple months when I was a freshman: they were going to rape me. They made a doodle of it! A little stick figure me. Getting raped," Ephraim wrote at the time.

During Donald Trump's press conference in late September, Ephraim wrote, "I remember a radio story about a Beatles song being sent into space so intelligent life in distant galaxies might hear it & understand us. Do you think if we just broadcast this press conference real loud some kind & sympathetic goo-creature would put us out of our misery?"

On Sept. 18, she also took to Instagram to sarcastically tell her fans she loves her new nickname, alongside a screenshot of a troll calling her "big sausage fingers Molly" on Twitter.

Ephraim left Last Man Standing after ABC cancelled the show in May 2017. She signed on to several projects, including IFC's Brockmire, AMC's Halt and Catch Fire and Hulu's Casual. She also stars in Jason Retiman's next film, The Front Runner, starring Hugh Jackman as 1988 presidential candidate Gary Hart.

When Fox renewed Last Man Standing earlier this year, her character, Mandy Baxter, was recast. Molly McCook now plays the role of Mike's (Tim Allen) middle daughter.


You can see Ephraim in The Front Runner on the big screen on Nov. 21.

Photo credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage/Getty Images