Lady Gaga Cusses out Orlando Tech Convention Audience, Later Strips Down in Poolside Snap

Lady Gaga lashed out at a crowd in Orlando, Florida on Thursday before settling back for a relaxing weekend.

It was a big week for Lady Gaga, from the Met Gala to a corporate performance in Florday to a revealing pool-side snapshot. The 32-year-old singer performed at the SAPPHIRE Now + ASUG Annual technology conference in Orlando on Thursday, and halfway into her performance she apparently became angry that some viewers had not chosen to be there.

"You know, it just dawned on me. I was hired to play this show tonight, so none of you bought any f—ing tickets to see our show," Gaga mused on stage.

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"Some of you may like our show and like my music, but quite frankly there could be thousands of you in here that loathe me and are here because you have to be. And you can f— off!" she went on.

Photos from the performance showed a packed stadium, although it did not look like a typical Gaga show. The lights were up and people seemed to be milling around, not fixated on the singer's performance. Some fans wondered if the odd venue threw her for a loop. Additionally, she was apparently hired directly by event organizers, rather than selling individual tickets.

Gaga's only comment on her outrage came on Friday, when she posted a racy photo on her Instagram Story noting her "long week." In the photo, Gaga stood on the edge of a pool topless wearing nothing but a thong. She faced away from the camera, holding a large cocktail out to the side with her hand on her hip.

(Photo: Instagram @LadyGaga)

"After a long week of passionate art discipline it's time for a... Haus party," she wrote. over the picture.

The "Haus" she referred to is not a place, but a group. Gaga's personal creative team is known as the Haus of Gaga, and they put on her outlandish shows and arrange her unique styles. On Monday, Gaga had a team helping her with her Met Gala redcarpet performance, which included no less than four outfits.


"Camp is a part of who [Haus of Gaga and I] are. It's not something that we have to try to be," stylist Sarah Nicole Tanno told Vogue. "I know intrinsically that I have a camp soul. I knew because we're such a family and the way that we work together as a creative collective, that what we would create together would be camp."

"What I really love about what we're doing is that it, it reads like an essay or a poem and it tells a story," Gaga added later.